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THE Space Power Metal Band from Berlin / Andromeda

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01 | 02 | 2020

Berlin, Die Klinke

15 | 02 | 1984

Los Angeles, Tech Noir

30 | 02 | 2089

Sector 62, Monolith Burger

We are


The space power metal band from Berlin / Andromeda

AstroKing Vocals
AstroKing Guitar
AstroKing Bass
AstroKing Drums



AstroKing is about defeating the limitations of time and space.

We come from Andromeda to bring you the message of love, peace and SPACE POWER METAL!


Listen to our sound, sext us on social media and come to our next gig. It’s gonna be bootylicious!

Our first EP is coming out in Q2/2020, so you should be ready for the new decade.


Now that we know eachother so well, we recommend you to sign up to the galactic newsletter on the bottom of the page. Don’t fool yourself, you want it, too.

EP Release

in Q2/2020

Get notified!

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AstroKing Power Metal Berlin
AstroKing Band
AstroKing Berlin
AstroKing Power Metal
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Future Wasteland Power Metal
Space Power Metal

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